1993 GS300 Drag Car


Project Drag GS300

Started 09/15/09
Currently in progress

Click here for updates - latest update - 12/07/07

The Car

The car is a 1993 Alpine Silver Lexus GS300(soon to be badged Toyota Aristo). I purchased in April of 2005, and 6 months later in the car was turbocharged. Due to a faulty radiator the engine blew a head gasket and the car sat for over 2 years. It has now been resurrected and will be my greatest build and achievment yet.

The Mods

3.0L I6 2JZGE
stock rods with ARP bolts
JE 8.5 pistons

TT 1.3mm HG
ARP head studs
HKS 272 cams
seat blend and port cleanup

74mm ITS turbo
XSPower Manifold
XSPower 3" intercooler
Tial 50mm BOV
Tial 38mm WG
Custom piping
Custom intake maniofold
Q45 Throttle body
Custom stainless 3 1/2" downipe
Custom stainless 4" from downpipe back

1600cc injectors
Weldon fuel pump
-10 gravity feed
-8AN from pump to dual -6 rail (too small)
Runs on E85(E70)

AEM Wideband
AEM boost controller

Custom Manual conversion
1988 turbo supra 5 speed transmission
stage 3 clutch(no where near strong enough)
stock driveline(with exception of front half for new tranny)
stock rear end with 4.10 gears
stock axles
285/40/17 tires on Jupiter 3piece wheels

Future plans:
Full roll cage w/chute
600lb diet
Powerglide with 6,000 stall.
More power!!!


The downpipe is a 3 1/4" stainless pipe v-banded up the 4" exhaust.
text here

Intake Manifold
The intake is a custom made intake using 4" aluminum piping, and 1/4" aluminum sheet metal. Velocity stacks were manual spun out of 3" bar stock on a manual lathe, then flow tested within 2cfm. The stock NA manifold was cut short, and the aluminum plate was cut out with a hold
Intake with fuel rail
saw to fit each runner, then welded. Each velocity stack was then welded to the top of each runner. Using several specified pieces of 1/4" aluminum sheet, the manifold was assembled and welded together to form a nice tapered design to the thottle body plate. A Q45 flange was used for the larger 90mm Q45 throttle body.

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